Eastern Medicaid Pharmacy Administrators Association







The Eastern Medicaid Pharmacy Administrators Association (EMPAA) is a not-for-profit association of representative members from State Medicaid Pharmacy programs in the northeast United States. The membership holds an Annual Meeting to share and communicate ideas to improve their understanding of current Medicaid issues and possible solutions.

Originally established as the Northern Medicaid Pharmacy Administrators Association in 1977 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, the organization was founded upon the following principles which still hold true today:


1. To establish communication and professional relations between State Medicaid Programs in order to improve the quality and scope of medical care provided to recipients of Medical Assistance;

2. To adopt policies and principles which will serve for the guidance of the association in the establishment or improvement of their programs;

3. To work closely with appropriate bodies and committees of other local and/or national health care organizations interested in improving the quality and scope of medical care to recipients of Medical Assistance.


EMPAA is represented by the following states:







 New Hampshire

 New Jersey

 New York


 Rhode Island


 Washington, DC

 West Virginia


In addition to the states represented by EMPAA, the organization is also closely supported by the current Chairs of the Western Medicaid Pharmacy Administrators Association (WMPAA), the Southern Association of Medicaid Pharmacy Administrators (SAMPA), and the American Medicaid Pharmacy Administrators Association (AMPAA)

If you would like to contact the EMPAA Representative in your state, CLICK HERE.